English Conversation: An Invitation

This is my second video that I make in grade XI science. I told them to make a dialogue first about how to invite someone to an occasion. After that I asked them to come forward to perform their dialogue based on their own groups. Too many funny things happened in the video. I just pick some of them.

Why I record them into video? I think this is the best thing to me. So in the future, I still can use the video as a media in teaching to all grade in condition with the same subject. For the first time, I think they felt ashamed to be recorded. I tell them not to be shy. And the important thing is in learning process mistakes are usual. You are not learning if you don’t do a mistake for the first time. This is new era so they can help others students to learn together through social media such as in youtube.

I think this is the advantage why we need an internet in the school. They must use internet for learning process. They can do anything with advanced technology lately.




Author: Dzulfikar

Happy Freelance Writer. For inquiries dzulfikar.alala[at]gmail[dot]com

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