WeChat Blogger Indonesia First Gathering


Couple days ago, I was invited by Angelina (wechat admin) to attend the gathering with all bloggers who participated in WeChat blog competition in Kompasiana. WeChat invited us to have a dinner in Zenbu, Plaza Indonesia. Zenbu is a Japanese or Chinese restaurant in Plaza Indonesia.

Actually, that was my first time to have a dinner in Plaza Indonesia. As I teacher, eating in Plaza Indonesia is something special. Because, the price is not affordable to me. So, I won’t let this chance go. That is the advantage to be a blogger. You’ll be invited to have a free dinner. Lol


I went there alone. But, I met many bloggers that I know before such as bang Tigor, mas Panca and Uni Dessy. They are really famous in Kompasiana. And few weeks ago, bang Tigor just got Galaxy Note from blog competition in Kompasiana.



When I arrived at Zenbu, I met Johnny, Angelina and Satria. They are from WeChat. After that some of bloggers were coming one by one. I got new friends from that gathering. Some of them are mas Gajah Pesing (Fayis), ms. Ina, mrs. Mira, and ms. Galuh. I couldn’t remember the others because we were in different table.



Actually, I bit confused when the waitress asked me for the order. But, luckily I know couple menu. Because, that was a rare chance. I ordered Zenbu tepanyaki. Bit expensive but it was free. Lol. For the drink, I chose Zenbu Punch. Maybe around 100 K only for my order. That’s why I must be grateful and thankful to WeChat Indonesia for the invitation and the dinner.


WeChat gave us the souvenir. It was pinguin doll. That’s very cute. And fortunately, I got great headset from WeChat after following mini games. The game was looking for id who appeared first in Dennis’s iPhone after we had shaken our smartphone through WeChat apps.

We talked much about WeChat. That’s good conversation. Most of blogger gave many input for wechat. The poin is many Indonesian still used Blackberry. So that’s why WeChat bit difficult to increase in Indonesia.

And the good news is WeChat is preparing WeChat apps for Blackberry. So, blackberrian must be happy for that. Dennis said that it will’be launched in few weeks later. Thanks Dennis, Zoe, Angelina, Satria, Johnny and WeChat Indonesia.


Thank you WeChat. 🙂

Regards, @DzulfikarAlala


Author: Dzulfikar

Happy Freelance Writer. For inquiries dzulfikar.alala[at]gmail[dot]com

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