wah keren nih. Akhirnya yang ditunggu datang juga 🙂

Sarah Rajabalee Photography

Finally Instagram is on the web. Hurrah. Well, it was already on the web, now we all get web profiles. Why they didn’t have a web profile I will never know. It had always baffled me. Sure, I get it that it’s primarily for mobiles – two in every five adults in the UK now own a smartphone – but as yet we haven’t all gone completely phone only.

Having got an Android phone, I only got onto the photo sharing site earlier this year and am very much a convert. I tend to use it to document my life so you’ll find lots of photos of food, shoes, the beach and things I get up to.

Truth be told, I’m not a lover of my phone. I don’t have much memory so can’t download many apps. My phone provider wasn’t much help, so I’m stuck with it until next…

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Author: Dzulfikar

He is former teacher who has passion as a writer. So, he decided to pursue his career in as wordsmith. He has been a blogger since 2010 with many achievement and awards.

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